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would you like to know the fastest ways to help people 
shift internal blockages & release emotions from traumatic events without reliving past trauma?
We use this exact process to also change limiting beliefs that are probably holding your clients hostage. 
This is probably the most effective process we've come across.
It's so effective your business model may have to change to cope with all the referrals.
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The problem with talking about past traumatic events is  sometimes  that clients can get stuck in the emotion of the event.
How would you like to learn one of the fastest ways possible to release Negative emotions  from traumatic events 
without your clients  getting stuck there?
We found using processes like 
traditional timeline therapy  
some clients could get 
stuck back at a particular event
this Worked & Just Kept getting better...
Release Negative Emotions
  • Anger - From past events
  • ​Sadness - That traps you in the past
  • ​Fear - Of the future
  • ​Anxiety - From the unknown
  • ​Depression - From the way we think things should be
  • ​Guilt - From past mistakes
  • ​Shame - From others opinions
Change Limiting Beliefs
  • I'm Not Worthy - I am 100% worthy
  • ​I Can't Do It - I can do whatever I choose
  • Nobody Loves Me - The right people love me
  • Getting Clients Is Hard - There are potential clients everywhere.
  • They Don't Like Me - What if they did?
  • What If I Fail - What could you learn?
  • ​It's Useless - What if it saved even one person?
  • I'll Never Do It - What if you did?
  • Money Is Hard To Get - Money is only energy
 Our Goal
to show you the fastest way to 
release negative emotions & change limiting beliefs.
Welcome to Timeline Reset Academy.
If you're a coach, practitioner or work with people then we're about to send you 
everything you need to help them in the most profound way. 
Whether it's crippling negative emotions or limiting beliefs that choke us, 
Timeline Reset is on of the best things you could possibly use.
6 week master class
  • Week 1 - The process
  • ​Week 2 - Online component
  • ​Week 3 - Pour Out
  • ​Week 4 - Pre Frames
  • ​Week 5 - Negative Emotions
  • ​Week 6 - Limiting Beliefs
$1,497 Value
Practitioner Resources
  • Session Scripts
  • ​Client Intake Forms
  • ​Session Overview
  • ​Coaching Agreement
  • ​Pre Frames
$997 Value
4 Session structure
  • Session Scripts
  • ​Client Intake Forms
  • ​Session Overview
  • ​Coaching Agreement
  • ​Pre Frames
$1,997 Value
Private Facebook group
  •  4 Page Optin Funnel
  • ​Stripe - For billing
  • ​Acuity - Smart calendar booking 
$297 Value
Sales Funnel
  •  4 Page Optin Funnel
  • ​Stripe - For billing
  • ​Acuity - Smart calendar booking 
$1,997 Value
here's what you're Getting
  •  6 Week Masterclass
  • ​All Of Your Practitioner Resources
  • ​A Proven 4 Session Structure Ready To Implement
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • ​BONUS Sales Funnel
Total Value $6,785
The whole process
is yours for 
we want to give you everything you need to not only 
make a massive difference but also see as many clients & 
changing as many lives as possible.
Hi I'm Emma Romano
I am the founder & creator of a process that is one of the 
fastest ways you can help someone overcome a 
negative emotion or limiting belief.

If you'd told me years ago this is where my life would be I couldn't have believed you yet here I am and after working with thousands of people helping them heal themselves from all sorts of things like suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, self worth issues the list goes on.

Not only can we help heal from those sorts of things we can 
also teach you how to help others as well & that's what we want. 
The ability to help heal each other from thoughts & 
behaviours that no longer serve us.
Hi I'm Brent New
Founder of Military Transition Academy & Gorilla Marketing where I combine not only helping people re programme their mindset but also help coaches position themselves with their own little bit of online real estate so they can see more clients.

I've spent the last 4 years on a journey of being suicidal to hospitalised because of military PTSD to learning how to moving past the effects it & also helping teach others how to do it as well.

I've been helping people with marketing for the last couple of years as it's something I'm passionate about & love helping people with. 
We just put all the pieces together so you can just 
start seeing clients.